Why Sequoia

Why Local?

At Sequoia Organics, We believe that the effort made to source food and natural health products locally works in everyone’s best interest
– here are 5 reasons why:

Our community grows stronger. When we accelerate healthy relationships with local farmers and health-focused entrepreneurs, we improve our ability to help customers.

Local growers and entrepreneurs can tell you how their food is grown, and verify product ingredients. This makes it easier to ensure Sequoia’s natural and/or organic requirements.

Local food has more nutrients and flavour. The shorter the time between the farm and your table, the less likely it is that nutrients will be lost from fresh food.

The money we spend buying local food and natural products stays close to home, and is reinvested in our community.

Local food benefits the environment. By purchasing locally grown foods we help maintain farmland and green space in the community.



Why Sequoia

Sequoia Promise

All products that you will find at Sequoia are:

1. Certified organic, and/or
2. Use all natural ingredients.
3. Sourced locally where possible.
4. Sourced from environmentally ethical suppliers.

We invest in researching solutions, and verifying the integrity of our suppliers along with the natural and organic ingredients in their products.

How We Help

There’s always a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) available to help while you shop.

We believe that helping people through conversation and awareness is the first step to a healthy lifestyle. That said, we work hard every day as a Sequoia Team to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for our customers. We encourage you to ask questions, and are constantly working to maintain the highest standard when it comes to verifying organic/natural ingredients, and ethical supplier practices – and healthy advice.

Our Registered Holistic Nutritionists are a key part of the Sequoia Experience. They incorporate all factors necessary for a healthy body and healthy lifestyle, while focusing on preventative and restorative nutrition. Our RHNs will help you while you shop to help balance your nutritional profile using whole foods, supplements if necessary and lifestyle choices in their recommendations.

If you’re looking for answers, we’re here to help.