Tea & Coffee

All of the products have been carefully selected with your health and enjoyment in mind. Feel good about the certified organic and natural ingredients, fair trade partnerships and sustainable,  practices.
Stop in and have a coffee or tea in our sit down cafe. The pot is always on, fresh and ready. Or get in to go in an earth friendly cup.
Join our coffee club, free of course. Your 11th one is on the house!  (show a picture of our coffee club card)



We are proud to carry the full line of coffee flavors from three brilliant local organic fair trade coffee roasters.


We’ve assembled an impressive collection of the world’s best certified organic teas to match your every mood and moment.

Whether you need to rev up, wind down or simply indulge, you will find the perfect tea from our wide selection. Full of flavour and rich in therapeutic benefits, our certified organic teas are a must add to every healthy lifestyle.

Everyday we have the hot water on and a featured tea of the day for you to enjoy in-store or   in our earth-friendly cups.

Here are just some of our best brands instock.